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The Bose IQ Dock Is Perfect For Parties

The Bose IQ Dock Is Perfect For Parties

By David Ponce

A lot can happen at a party, and that’s kind of what makes them awesome. But aside from all the drunken tomfoolery, making everyone happy with the music is always a bit of a task. Either the host is ballsy enough to say “Y’all ain’t touchin the music; you either like it or it’s my boot on your behind.” Or people spend the night unplugging one iPod to connect another. That’s where this concept from Jason Farsai, called the Bose IQ, comes in. It features 5 docks and a touchscreen. People can queue up upcoming tracks and see what’s about to play, while a touchscreen remote lets you do it from afar. The Bose IQ would also presumably charge the devices, which would be cool for partygoers.

The problem with pure concepts, such as this one, is that there’s really no horizon on ever being able to purchase this. Here’s hoping that a manufacturer somewhere will see this and be inspired to bring it to market.

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