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How Big Is Gaming? How About $775 Million In 5 Days Big?…

How Big Is Gaming? How About $775 Million In 5 Days Big?…

By David Ponce

Yes, that’d be how much Modern Warfare 3 was managed to sell in 5 days. Considering Activision recently announced they sold $400 million worth of retail sales in the first day alone, it’s clear that MW3 will easily eclipse the billion dollar mark. Not only is this impressive, it’s actually mind boggling. The $775 million figure is more revenue, faster than any other entertainment launch, ever. More than any movie, any album, anything.

To date, Activision’s highly lucrative Call Of Duty franchise has grossed north of a cool $6 billion.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

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  • Anonymous

    Thats great.

    But if i knew that all i was buying was a map pack for MW2, i would have bought BF3.

    MAJOR let down of a game after black ops.