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HexBug Larva Is Meant To Be Robotic Toy

By David Ponce

A toy!? How is a giant (relative to the insect) freaking maggot ever be construed as a toy of any kind? Is this being marketed to entomologists’ kids? This wonderful little creation is the product of HexBug. One of their self-described goals is to “give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age.” Positive experience, eh?… Well, to each their own we suppose. The Larva is but one of a range of creepy crawly robots, with other members being The Ant, The Spider and The Inchworm to just name a few. The Larva itself just barely qualifies as a robot in that it’s autonomous enough to at least avoid obstacles. It does come in 5 colors and is mercifully inexpensive at around $12. Hey, the Holidays are coming and maybe you’ve conceived a little strange one who might appreciate this.

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    Kind of looks gross but it’s pretty cool! )