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Dumbest Gadget Ever Arrives: Blutooth Handset TK2

Dumbest Gadget Ever Arrives: Blutooth Handset TK2

By David Ponce

“Yo dawg… we heard you like phones. So we gave your phone a phone.” Yeah. That’s pretty much what’s going on here. See, the Blutooth Handset TK2 connects to your cellphone through Bluetooth and all it does is allow you to speak (and listen, duh). The thing is… you’re supposed to hold it in your hand. Like a phone! So in a way, it’s a smaller phone that you use… to use your phone. It has no other point. It doesn’t free your hands, it does the opposite.

Granted you can pair it with more than your cellphone, so perhaps this can be a tiny VoIP device… Or something. It does feature Bluetooth v2.1, which means you could pair it to your cellphone and something else simultaneously. So maybe you can eke out a use that way. Like if you’re at home and are taking Skype and cellular calls.

But still, come on!

It’s $23.

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