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Vapur Folding Water Bottle Is Ingenious

Vapur Folding Water Bottle Is Ingenious

By David Ponce

So here’s the dilemma. Plastic water bottles are convenient because when you’re done, you just throw or hopefully recycle them. They won’t take any room in your bag that way. But if you care about the environment at all, you know that plastic isn’t great. You could of course simply keep reusing a single plastic bottle, but if you’re going to do that, you may as well get yourself a reusable metal bottle, right? Problem with a metal bottle is it too takes a lot of room, even when empty. But what if you could fold your reusable bottle when it’s empty? Enter Vapur.

Made from an internal layer of polyethythene covered with two layers of nylon, the Vapur “anti-bottle” also ships with a carabiner for hanging from bags, just like those aluminum SIG bottles. The bags can be frozen, can carry boiling water and will even stay open when dishwasher-ed.

Like a regular reusable bottle, the Vapur costs $10 for half a liter and they come in several colors and designs.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]

  • DeadlyDad

    All I do is refill normal 500ml water bottles, then roll them up and put the lid back on when I’m done.  Same difference, I guess, but I’m not spending $10 I don’t have to.

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    Great interesting news!Thanks for it!

  • Cliff s

    i got one 2 weeks ago here in canada…at the dollar store….yep…1 dollar…

    go figure…

  • *********** 9y999 ***********

    yes, it is ingenious

  • J C

    got one of these for free at a conference. While the bottle idea may have moved forward, the cap design has moved backwards — it has the old-style pop-open cap with the clear plastic lid that gets lost immediately. A simple screw-off cap would be better and less wasteful

  • Guest

    Very cool! Already use one of the Cambelbak bottles, but I love how little room it takes up when empty. Would be great to use for “refill” water!

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