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Turn Your iPad Into An Atari Arcade Rig

Turn Your iPad Into An Atari Arcade Rig

By David Ponce

Arcade machines were for a long time the only way that you could get any gaming done. Home consoles wouldn’t conquer the living room properly until the mid 80’s and for a good period from the mid 70’s onwards, Atari was pioneering the genre. Most of you don’t need the brief introduction to the company, but we’ve come across way too many teens lately who’ve shockingly never heard the name. Sadly, they won’t be able to appreciate the beauty in this docking station for the iPad, a collaboration between Discovery Bay Games and Atari. Just dock your generation 1 or 2 iPad and instantly get access to 99 games, among them classics like the original Pong, or Asteroids. Sadly, the games are not included in the $60 price. A 25 game pack is $1, while $15 gets you the whole library.

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