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iDigitip, For When Meaty Thumbs Got You Typing Askew

iDigitip, For When Meaty Thumbs Got You Typing Askew

By David Ponce

Some people have large hands, sometimes made up of nothing but thumbs… This is a fact of life. And one can only imagine their dismay at the constant miniaturization of today’s electronics. How are they to communicate? How are they to live? They don’t have to remain dyslexic forever. The iDigitip is a simple accessory that fits at the end of a finger and is tipped with a smaller foam nub that works on touchscreens as well as on actual physical buttons (obviously). They come in packs of two, so you can even double-thumb your way through those texts like a tween in no time.

It’s $20.

[ iDigiTip ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

  • web-geek

    Wow. Digital accouterments for the ham-fisted amongst us! Even with my girl hands, SO many smartphone kbds are too small…  now what do they suggest for managing not to LOSE the digit reducers all the time?