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Atmel’s maXStylus Will Supercharge Android Tablets

Atmel’s maXStylus Will Supercharge Android Tablets

By David Ponce

Apple may have invented the market and is certainly hogging the lion’s share of it… but that hasn’t stopped the competition from trying to forge inroads. There’s a bunch of Android tablets on the market currently, and while many of these feature styluses (or is it stylii?), things should get kicked up a couple of notches with the forthcoming inclusion of Atmel’s maXStylus controller. Steve Jobs would call using a stylus horsecrap, but there are situations that demand its precision, familiarity and comfort: drawing, writing notes and complex equations are a couple of examples. With the maxStylus mXTS100 you’ll be able to use a 1mm tip stylus with an accuracy of +/- 0.25mm, excellent palm rejection, 256 pressure points sensing, 140Hz refresh rate and more importantly simultaneous finger/stylus input for image and text manipulation (a functionality Atmel calls multiSense). The maxTouch and maxStylus controllers are able to discern between your flesh and the tip of a stylus and open the door to an efficient workflow that feels both natural and precise.

The technology is being demoed to a few leading manufacturers (read Samsung) and should start seeing market inclusion in Q1 2012.

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