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Bheestie Bag Is Supposed To Work Better Than A Bag Of Rice

By David Ponce

Gadgets get wet. This usually means a death sentence for them. Not always though, so it’s never a bad idea to try to dry them out and see if they escaped un-shorted. The traditional way of doing this is to put the device in a bag of rice and to wait. That does sometimes work. But the Bheestie Bag (pronounced beastie) is a dedicated solution. It claims to draw twice as much water than rice, though it doesn’t speed up the process: it’s recommended to leave the device in for 72 hours.

Wired gave it a look last July and came away impressed with its drying abilities. But the Droid they sacrificed for the review died anyway, though that may have nothing to do with the Bheestie itself. At $20 a bag, it might be cheaper to just use rice. It’s also too small to fit a tablet. But hey, might be worth a try.

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