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Making The Bluetooth Headset Cool Again With The Angle

Making The Bluetooth Headset Cool Again With The Angle

By David Ponce

The thing about Bluetooth headsets is that they require you to spend an extra three or four seconds putting them on. And they’re yet another item to carry around in your pockets or in the car. The Angle Bluetooth headset pictured here solves those two admittedly non-problems. Designed by Antoinne Coubronne, Michael Harboun and Thomas Chabrier in the context of a design competition at Orange (the telco), The Angle is a detachable part of a specially made case that places the headset in the exact spot it needs to be so that when you simply lower your hand, a hook keeps it attached to your ear. Describing the process doesn’t do its elegance justice; you have to watch the video below. It’s all so natural and effortless, the way that you bring the phone up to your ear, lower it back down and keep talking.

Sadly this seems to be nothing more than a concept at the moment, although Orange’s involvement gives hope that it can one day see the light of day.

Angle from Michaël Harboun on Vimeo.

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