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Check Out These Car Horns

Check Out These Car Horns

By David Ponce

This is super old stuff but came across it recently. It’s a great way to get yourself some hate, let me tell you. See, if the most unusual car horn you ever heard was that annoying “La Cucaracha” that’s been around for 100 years, why not try a train horn? Warning: this is only for those wanting to scare the sh** out of friends, neighbors and loved ones! You can find smaller train horns for around $50 up to this bad daddy for around $400. Let’s face it, the only point of a horn is to express your road rage in a more constructive manner than punching someone in the face, and to make the guy in front of you as irritated as you are. This will do the trick. If you are not mechanically inclined, you would have to also pay a mechanic to install it for you, so add that to the total cost of getting your rocks off. Even if this isn’t for you, check out the video of the results of this gizmo. The fun starts at :38 and gives you a solid 3 minutes of laughter.

[ Train Horns ]


2 responses to “Check Out These Car Horns”

  1. Cars Tool says:

    I dont think that this train horns can usually use for any car. Rather its really annoying to tolerate this kind of sound except to scare someone.

  2. Wendy Arndt says:

    Love this horn! Want one soooo bad! I am soooo sick and tired of people pulling out in front of me, that I would love to show them I mean business! DO NOT pull out in front of me!