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Monthly Archives: October 2011

The TILT Stand For MacBook Pro Looks Awesome

By David Ponce

Laptops should be called lapburners: there aren’t many models that don’t get at least a little hot. Of course there’s a ton of stands on the market that aim to keep your legs and privates cooler but most add bulk, simply elevate the machine and don’t look all that great. Well, the TILT is a Kickstarter project that we feel will take off. It’s a stand made specifially for the MacBook Pro that clips right into the base and features passive and active cooling. Made to look as if it was part of the machine it aims to cool, it adds only 0.6″ of thickness but will actively push hot air out the back if you connect it to a free USB plug. No plug free? That’s ok, because even without active cooling, the TILT will keep your MacBook Pro off your lap. There’s even a standard 1/4″-20 tripod thread for remote mounting.

It will retail for $55 once on the market, but you can pre-order it now for $45 and contribute to making this project a reality. As of this writing, they’ve raised $2,236 of the $8k they’re after with over a month left. Yeah, this thing will sell.

Hit the jump for a few more pictures and a link.

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Because You Know, Being In A Human Slingshot Looks Really Safe

By David Ponce

Although who the heck cares about safety when you’re clearly having as much fun as the people in the above video clearly are? Can’t watch the vid? Well, you just have to find a way. It’s a bunch of Darwin Award candidates propulsing themselves in the air with the aid of two bungee cords, an ATV and two tall poles. The “system” was developed by the Pope family in Hobble Creek Canyon, UT and filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D and accompanied with music that will make you feel like impending death is is just the peachiest thing in the world.

Not enough?

Watch the below video to see where these folks got their inspiration.

The geek angle? Must you ask? Putting something like this together is the stuff of geeks, trust us.

VIA [ Geeky Gadgets ]

BodyMetrics Is The Body Scanner You’ll Want To Step Into

By David Ponce

Americans are getting used to the idea of full body scanners. Or maybe not. Either way, the BodyMetrics 3D scanner has much tamer goals than to sniff out your underwear explosives. Step into one and 8 PrimeSense 3D sensors will map your body’s shape and measurements, quickly and accurately creating 100 data points. Once your shape has been determined, the retail store will be better able to offer you clothing that complements your specific shape. Better yet, you’ll be able to store your profile online for later access when shopping from home. No more guesswork, or wishful thinking.

There’s only one BodyMetrics scanner at the moment. It’s at New Look, a global clothing retailer, at their newest location in the Westfield Stratford shopping complex. There is a chance you’ll be seeing more of these if the companies are successful in convincing other stores to go for them.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Security Flaw With iPad 2 Uncovered

By David Ponce

There are now two “security flaws” with iDevices. The quotation marks are there because one is real, the other isn’t. First about the one that isn’t real. You can make calendar appointments, email and text through Siri on an iPhone 4S even when it’s locked. This is not a security flaw, it’s a feature. You don’t like that feature, you can turn it off through the settings. The entire point of Siri is to not have to access your phone while it’s locked! Anyway, now onto the real security flaw and this one is on the iPad 2. Uncovered by, the flaw is explained in the video above. If you can’t access it for some reason, here’s how it works.

When on the lock screen press the standby button until you see the red slider for powering off the device. At that point, close the Smart Cover and take it off again. Press cancel… and you’re in! Now you don’t have complete access to the iPad 2, only the last screen before going on standby. If that happens to be the main menu, you can scroll applications but you can’t launch them. The problem is if you were in the middle of an email, or browsing something private, then that will show. This is a big issue.

Of course the word will eventually spread and the gap closed in a software update, but until then here’s a little fix. Go to Settings in the General tab and disable Smart Cover Unlocking. That should do it until a fix is out.

[ 9to5Mac ] VIA [ Techcrunch Gadgets ]

There’s A Tube Amp That Costs $10,000 And It’s For Your Headphones

By David Ponce

Well, it’s not for your headphones only but it apparently has a dedicated headphone mode, with a particular type of tube amp (the 300B apparently) that’s preferred with head mounted gear as opposed to a full set of speakers. Now, we’re big fans of audiophile gear mostly because we know so little about it and it always kind of shocks us that people are willing to part with these sums of cash. In the case of the WA-234 MONO, it’s $10,000. Now for that price, you get a sales pitch in the language of audiophilespeak:

Discrete mono-block, Single-ended, Class-A
Output transformer coupled, EI96 Permalloy core
All triode drive, no semi-conductors.
2A3/300B/45 power tube via Tube Switching Key
Headphone/speaker out via Output Switching Key
Cathode / plate output alternation for headphone
High and low impedance headphone outputs
6SN7 driver, 5U4G rectifier tube
2 RCA and 1 XLR input
3-pin XLR mono output for headphone
Power on plate output 8 [email protected], 4 [email protected], 2 [email protected]
Frequency response: 5Hz–62 KHz, -2dB on cathode output
Seiden 46-position stepped attenuator, M-TubeCap, V-Cap

We don’t doubt for a second that the sound they create is princely. But this is 1%er material and we just can’t relate.

[ WA-234 MONO ] VIA [ Bornrich ]

Get Paid To Charge With The Sun

By David Ponce

There’s a green wave taking over the world, that’s undeniable. For good reason we suppose, though it’s also hard to deny that it’s taking quite some time to catch on. Solar charging for instance is but a tiny fraction of the ways in which we get our electronics replenished. There are many reasons for this, and we won’t get into them here. What’s important is that there are companies coming up with incentives constantly. Take the Changers charging kit as an example. It consists of a solar panel and a base station which contains a battery. Once that internal battery is full, you can use it to charge up your gadgets. It has enough juice for 2 iPhones, or another multiple of several USB rechargeable devices. But what’s more important than that is the social and monetary aspect.

With your permission, the Changers kit will Tweet and otherwise share your eco-behavior with your circles. It will also give you points for doing so. You can then exchange these points for… stuff. What exactly isn’t clear at this point.

The kit is $150 and is up for pre-order now with shipping starting on November 15.

[ Changers charging kit ] VIA [ Digital Trends ]

Don’t Be Tying No Strings On Your Fingers, Use This Instead

By David Ponce

Sometimes you have to remember something real bad. Just can’t forget it. Tying a string on your finger is one way to do it, but hey, what if you don’t remember why you tied a string? Buy a set of these die-cut Post-Its and wear them like wristwatches.

€9.80 for 100 “watches”.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Who Needs Cats When You Have The Lazer Stunt Chasers?

By David Ponce

Cats chasing a spot of laser light all across your carpet can be a good 5 minutes of fun. Owning a cat when you’re male and single, however, is a sure path to ‘forever alone’ status. Don’t believe us? Ask an eligible bachelorette. Cats’ emasculating abilities aside, it turns out that there’s a cool toy that can give you the same sort of kicks without fear of eternal rejection. Straight out of last summer and brought to your attention today, the Lazer Stunt Chasers are battery powered “RC” cars that follow a beam of light you project on the ground. They work upside down or down side up and are meant to be tossed around in stunts, which you accomplish through ramps and loops. Check out the video below: they’re awesome! And they cost $40.

Of course a ladyfriend might object to a grown man playing around with children’s toys. Should this happen, we suggest you find one who’s a little more geek friendly. Remember kids, geek is good, lone man with a cat… not so much.

[ Lazer Stunt Chasers ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Deal Of The Day: $120 Off On Gateway 15 Inch Quad-Core Laptop

By David Ponce

Gateway… That’s a name we haven’t heard in a while. And yet the NV55S02u laptop this deal is about seems to have been well received by at least one customer who called it an “unbelievable deal”. Well, it’s perhaps not the deal of the century, but $120 off on a $599 laptop gives you an AMD A6-3400M 1.4GHz-2.3GHz quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 802.11n WiFi, HDMI, Radeon HD 6520G graphics, DVD burner, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS and more.

[ $120 Off On Gateway 15 Inch Quad-Core Laptop ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]