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InjectIR Hijacks Your HDMI Cable For A Good Cause

InjectIR Hijacks Your HDMI Cable For A Good Cause

By David Ponce

This looks like a really cool product, to be honest. Say you’re spending a good amount of time, money and effort to get your living room just right. Got the flatscreen mounted on the wall and wires out of the way… Looks good and clean. But what about the satellite box? You can’t hide that ugly ole thing: it needs line of sight with the IR remote to work (unless you got one with RF, in which case this is useless to you). So you’re going to need something like this product. The InjectIR works pretty much as you see in the picture.

It takes an unused CEC channel from your existing HDMI cable, and sends an IR signal through it. All you have to do is attach the device to the HDMI cable running from your device to the TV, and position the small IR receiver somewhere near the TV. It will then relay the signal from your remote to the device.

It’s $45, which is really a small price to pay to get your living spaces just right.

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