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Security Flaw With iPad 2 Uncovered

By David Ponce

There are now two “security flaws” with iDevices. The quotation marks are there because one is real, the other isn’t. First about the one that isn’t real. You can make calendar appointments, email and text through Siri on an iPhone 4S even when it’s locked. This is not a security flaw, it’s a feature. You don’t like that feature, you can turn it off through the settings. The entire point of Siri is to not have to access your phone while it’s locked! Anyway, now onto the real security flaw and this one is on the iPad 2. Uncovered by, the flaw is explained in the video above. If you can’t access it for some reason, here’s how it works.

When on the lock screen press the standby button until you see the red slider for powering off the device. At that point, close the Smart Cover and take it off again. Press cancel… and you’re in! Now you don’t have complete access to the iPad 2, only the last screen before going on standby. If that happens to be the main menu, you can scroll applications but you can’t launch them. The problem is if you were in the middle of an email, or browsing something private, then that will show. This is a big issue.

Of course the word will eventually spread and the gap closed in a software update, but until then here’s a little fix. Go to Settings in the General tab and disable Smart Cover Unlocking. That should do it until a fix is out.

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