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Shit Siri Says

Shit Siri Says

By David Ponce

Well it’s nice that the folks at Apple are developing a sense of humor. No sooner is Siri released to the wild masses that we start hearing reports of some of the strange things being asked of her (it?), but more importantly of the awesome responses she’s got for these. To the statement “Open the pod bay doors”, Siri responds “I’m afraid I can’t do that [your name]. Are you happy now?” This is a reference (in case you’re too young/live under rock) to the movie 2001 Space Odyssey. To “What is the meaning of life?” she responds, rightly, “42”. When asked “Do I make you horny”, you’re presented with a list of local escort agencies.

Favorite so far? “Who’s your daddy”, which elicits “You are. Can we get back to work now?”

Clearly this is somewhat of a departure for Apple engineers, famously prudish in the past (just think how hard it is to use swear words…).

For more of these, check out the link below on Joshua Topolsky’s ThisIsMyNext.

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