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This Is A Classy iPhone Totin’ Belt Buckle

This Is A Classy iPhone Totin’ Belt Buckle

By David Ponce

This is an object of desire. It’s terribly awful looking and at the same time just awesome. It’s ostentatious, gaudy and classless but also gutsy. See, the EXO7 is a belt buckle that’s large enough to hold your iPhone. Heck, it was made for that very purpose. But if you grow tired of it being a belt buckle, there are attachments that turn it into a pocket holster. It’s made of either brass or aluminum and the sides are inlaid with Pau Ferro wood. If you want to use the phone, flip the top which is held in place with rare earth magnets and hinges smoothly on stainless steel.

It’s also $300 on Etsy.

[ EXO7 iPhone Buckle ] VIA [ Geekologie ]


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