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Lamborghini AV-L001 Watch Costs A Kidney, Looks Better

Lamborghini AV-L001 Watch Costs A Kidney, Looks Better

By David Ponce

Not only does it look better than that kidney, it tells the time. But who are we kidding, you won’t have to sell a kidney to buy this. Please. You’re buying it because you already own a Lamborghini and have to buy a timepiece that matches, don’t you? Well, here you have Adriano Valente’s AV-L001, a watch with a matching price tag of $35,000. For roughly one-tenth the price of the car, you get a casing made of Karbonyte (allegedly a Titanium Carbon alloy, but we can’t find anything on this online…), a backplate made of either aluminum or titanium, a sapphire crystal cover and titanium screws. The mechanism “is based on the mechanical Engine 001 movement, specially made for the company.” The wrist bands can be made from carbon infused rubber or Alcantara laced rubber.

This will be a limited edition set, with numbered models.

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