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Hashi Chopstick Aid Should Become Real Product

Hashi Chopstick Aid Should Become Real Product

By David Ponce

At the moment the pictures you see exist simply as the entry of one Daniel Matarazzo into some 3D competition. But we’d like to see this product become a reality and hit the marketplace. It’s called Hashi and is meant to be an aid for using chopsticks. Not only would the plastic device make hooding and using the sticks much easier, but it also features a spoon on the other side. Brilliant! In a way, one could think of this as a Chinese/Japanese/Asian spork.

Now, we found a Shapeways store where Daniel sells some of his custom 3D printed creations, but no sign of this one. Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to get this printed and shipped, would it Daniel?

[ Hashi Entry in 3D Competition ] AND [ Personal Site ] VIA [ Reddit ]

  • RonsterWVU

    David, I learned to used chop sticks the old fashion way. But I think you’re right, this would help from turning people off from using them, and stop being little bitches about the whole thing. 

    Also, does your site not see a alot of traffic?

  • Dan_Matarazzo

    Thanks for posting! This is meant as a bridge utensil. The goal is to introduce people to chopsticks, and eventually ween them to using them properly. But the spoon and chopstick rest make this a lasting device that will stick with you long after you have mastered them.

    In regards to selling them via Shapeways, I’m reworking the model’s internal structure so that it will print easier and use less material. It should be up there by the end of next week!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, man.  Thanks for taking the time to update us.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ronster,

    We get a fair amount of traffic, around 20,000 uniques daily.  Why?

  • Adam Agonis

    If you try to use the chopsticks with the device after drinking broth, it would dribble down.  
    That spoon functionality raises other questions about hygiene.  A chopstick rest prevents the eating end of the chopsticks from touching the table surface, but that would be pointless if you are using your chopsticks as a spoon.
    It would probably be socially awkward being the only one using your chopsticks as a spoon when everyone else is using real spoons.
    It would be nice having the training chopstick holder in one unit that fits a variety of chopsticks, but I think the spoon attachment is not such a good idea.

  • Melkor

    it’s called a fucking “spoon”, idiot.