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Hashi Chopstick Aid Should Become Real Product

Hashi Chopstick Aid Should Become Real Product

By David Ponce

At the moment the pictures you see exist simply as the entry of one Daniel Matarazzo into some 3D competition. But we’d like to see this product become a reality and hit the marketplace. It’s called Hashi and is meant to be an aid for using chopsticks. Not only would the plastic device make hooding and using the sticks much easier, but it also features a spoon on the other side. Brilliant! In a way, one could think of this as a Chinese/Japanese/Asian spork.

Now, we found a Shapeways store where Daniel sells some of his custom 3D printed creations, but no sign of this one. Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to get this printed and shipped, would it Daniel?

[ Hashi Entry in 3D Competition ] AND [ Personal Site ] VIA [ Reddit ]