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TiVo Premiere Elite Kicks Things Up A Notch

TiVo Premiere Elite Kicks Things Up A Notch

By David Ponce

Even though it’s a dying business, cable TV is still strong enough to support a robust ecosystem of devices like the quintessential PVR: TiVo. And recently the company announced the release of their top of the line machine, the TiVo Premiere Elite. It comes with a hefty 2TB hard drive and 4 (count’em) tuners, which allows you to record 4 shows simultaneously while watching a 5th! The large hard drive will let you store up to 300 hours of HD content, which is twice the amount of the next highest-end machine. What’s more (like other TiVo boxes), the Premiere Elite “offers access to streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster On-Demand, and Amazon Instant Video.”

As you may know, the TiVo service isn’t free and is in addition to the cost of the machine itself. So $20/month gets you the service (or a one-time $500 lifetime fee), plus $500 for the Premiere Elite… plus whatever you pay for digital cable.

Remember we said dying model?…

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