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You Can Apparently Buy A Pleather Purse To Carry Wine In

By David Ponce

Call it a purse or a European carry-all or whatever you want… the important point is that you’re looking at a fancied up winebag that looks like a purse. It’s designed by one Jakob Wagner, appears to be called Baggy Winecoat, comes in polyester or leatherette, holds 3 liters of booze and has a solid rubber bottom so your swill doesn’t spill over when you put it down. It even has a spigot.

It’s $52.82 and you can buy it from what appears to be a Scandinavian design store.

Oh and this is old news (April of this year?), as per a quick article-already-written Google search reveals. Still interesting, so there you have it anyway.

[ Baggy Winecoat ] VIA [ Reddit ]