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Exhibitors Ahoy: Buy The TV-B-Gone-B-Gone Now!

Exhibitors Ahoy: Buy The TV-B-Gone-B-Gone Now!

By David Ponce

Yeah, that’s two “B-Gone’s”… As in this little $19 device will jam any TV-B-Gones in the vicinity and allow your underpants to remain unbunched should pranksters abound. As in the TV-B-Gone will B Gone… Get it? And if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the skinny. There’s a product out there called a TV-B-Gone (don’t want to say that word ever again…). It’ll quickly cycle through most televisions’ IR codes while sending the command to turn it off. That means you can turn off almost any television you come across. Nifty little device, unless of course you use it for evil (or hilarity, depending on your viewpoint) like Gizmodo did a while back at CES. Oh the bricks that were pooped over that incident…

In any case, it “works with almost all IR controlled devices by corrupting IR data from the six commonly used transmission frequencies.” And yes, it also means that while your TV will be protected from being turned off, it’ll also not respond to your own remote… Kind of makes you wonder if you couldn’t just put some tape over the IR receiver…

[ IR Jammer Kit ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]


One response to “Exhibitors Ahoy: Buy The TV-B-Gone-B-Gone Now!”

  1. Anton Gully says:

    I work my TV using a bunch of bamboo sticks I taped together. Saves on batteries and if I ever need to feed a panda I’m good to go.