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Don’t Be Yanking On No Leash, Doggie!

Don’t Be Yanking On No Leash, Doggie!

By David Ponce

Famed dog trainer Cesar Milan would probably say: “Keep that dog in check, foo!” Or maybe he wouldn’t. What Cesar says doesn’t matter, really. All I’m getting to is you should train your dog to obey you, be sociable around other pets and not pee in your cereal. And not tug on your leash. I read somewhere that clicker training is a good way to teach Fido who’s who and what’s what. But that looks like it requires effort on your part. Better to purchase this $40 gadget instead. It wedges itself between the leash and the collar and has an ultrasonic whistle and a sensor. If it starts to detect tugging, it whistles unpleasantly in proportion to the tugging effort. The sounds are “aimed” at your dog so no other canine is inconvenienced and the volume level is adjustable. Only your dog will be miserable. And maybe he’ll learn. Or he’ll secretly get back to you in ways you don’t want to imagine…

This product doesn’t sound like a bad idea, to be honest. Anyone want to try it out and report back here?

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  • Anton Gully

    My wife and I have a Jack Russell terrier called Bucky (see previous
    story!). We’ve had him since he was a pup and we’re both fairly familiar
    with dogs, having grown up with them, but Bucky turned into quite the

    We had to get him a cage for the car because he hated
    cyclists – traditional and motor – and was literally bouncing off the
    windows to get at them. He had quite a few other dislikes around the
    house, virtually anything that made a noise.

    When he was almost a
    year old he developed an attachment to a mahogany cane that belonged to
    my grand-father. Bucky chews through everything. He has favourite toys
    that are little scraps of fabric, but he still gathers them up and puts
    them into his bed at night – you have to see it to believe it, he has Mr
    Snake and Mr Camel that no sane person would ever identify as such but
    he gets frantic if he can’t find them and I can not tell you how many
    times I’ve had to move the refrigerator to retrieve them. He stuffs them
    in there on purpose and then whines and yaps until someone gets them

    The cane isn’t like an heirloom, it was simply something my
    grandpa bought and decided he would rather die than be seen with. He
    actually suited it but male pride and such. So Bucky navigates his way
    across the backs of sofas and from window ledge to window ledge until he
    can pluck the cane out of the coal bucket we had it in. He knocked over
    various crap on his way back with this in his mouth. My wife would call
    this crap cherished heirlooms but I think the little fellow did us a

    As I said he normally chewed his way through everything,
    but he carried the cane around, set it down, lay on it but never tried
    to demolish it. He would sit with a paw on it as he was chewing rawhide,
    or lay his whole body across it when he was chewing on some sock
    puppet. He carried it over to his food bowl and had like a toe on it
    when he was eating. So frigging dainty you wouldn’t believe.

    loves that cane. But he was still a real handful. We had to take him to
    the vet because of his aggression towards cyclists – he was smashing his
    face off the glass in the car, or if we put him in his cage he was
    hanging off the bars until his gums were bloody. It was heart-breaking
    for us but he literally didn’t care. Russells are just balls of muscle
    and they were bred to kill things in dark tunnels. They are Special
    Forces dogs.

    When he was acting up in the car we figured out that
    if we took his cane away he spent around half his time wanting to know
    where the cane was, and only half the time trying to faceplant his cage.
    After that it was like the scales fell away from our eyes.

    whenever he misbehaves, we beat him with the cane. The effect is
    startling. He’s become a well-behaved dog and a pleasure to be around.

  • Christopher Locke

    Oh my god.  This is the best thing I have read in a year or more.  Thank you.

  • Christopher Locke

    That dog looks exactly like my dog.  Can someone identify the breed?