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On Andrew Leaving

On Andrew Leaving

By David Ponce

So it’s been a sad Wednesday. The most important news of course being Steve Jobs’ passing. But also you’ve all found out about Andrew leaving OhGizmo. No one is sadder than I am, as Andrew has been with me through thick and thin, for the last 5 years. Although we’ve met on only a few occasions, I’ve always felt a kinship with him and more importantly a deep respect for his person and his work. Without a doubt, OhGizmo! wouldn’t be where it is today if not for Andrew.

Why is he leaving? I will leave it up to him to reveal the details, if he wants… but suffice it to say it’s for the best. You Andrew aficionados will be able to follow his work elsewhere, I guarantee it. As for OhGizmo? Well, I’m not sure how many of our readers today were reading it back in 2005, but I was at the helm back then. And even though I’ve faded into the background over the years, I’ve always been overseeing things, editorially and on the business side. While you may now know me as the guy who makes sponsored posts, that’s going to change. The older regulars will hopefully remember me fondly, and the ones who’ve never read me… I can only hope to win you over. Stick around, will you?

I can offer a few things. Changes. For one, the look and feel of the website will change, hopefully soon. I’ll also do my best to get more in tune with you guys. Looking for feedback and even direction. OhGizmo is nothing without you, and I’m here to not only entertain and inform, but also please. And while these changes are happening, you can keep coming for the articles, the “technologically flavored entertainment” that were our bread and butter for 6.5 years and counting.


5 responses to “On Andrew Leaving”

  1. Gadgets says:

    Usually I hate changes… Good luck David!

  2. David Ponce says:

    Hey… Thanks for your support.  I’ll try to live up to Andrew’s level of work.

  3. [PHD]Earthworm says:

    just as long as its not the gizmodo/gawker layout!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for keeping the torch alive. I wondered why your posts became more sparse over the years. I agree with Gadgets… current format is great and dont see a lot of need for radical changes. Best wishes

  5. Anton Gully says:

    Wow. I’ve been dicking around in comments but this is big news. I hope you pull something epic out of this opportunity.