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Rocketfish PadPivot Turns Your Thighs Into A Desk

Rocketfish PadPivot Turns Your Thighs Into A Desk

Rocketfish PadPivot (Image courtesy Rocketfish)
By Andrew Liszewski

Adding to a long list of similarly designed contraptions, the PadPivot from Rocketfish—one of Best Buy’s in-house brands—is supposed to solve the issue of comfortably holding a tablet for long periods of time. Like the thigh pocket on a fighter pilot’s flight suit that holds a map, the PadPivot tethers to your upper thigh, supporting the iPad, or any tablet or device with a flat back, via a mount and ball and socket joint. It seems flexible enough to make using a given device fairly comfortable, while a tether strap ensures it’s not going to fall off if you shift your position.

The device is attached to the PadPivot via one of those non-permanent sticky panels that you need to keep free of dust and particles for it to properly do its job. But a rinse under the tap and a few minutes of air drying is all it takes to refresh its tackiness. The whole thing folds down to a smaller form factor which makes it easier to carry and use away from home, and is available now, from Best Buy of course, for $39.99.

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