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iOS Controlled Rover Spy Tank Apparently Has No Idea What Spying’s All About

iOS Controlled Rover Spy Tank Apparently Has No Idea What Spying’s All About

Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank (Image courtesy Brookstone)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s been a while since we brought you a good piece of spygear. And that’s probably because 99% of the spy gear consumers can get their hands on is complete rubbish. Case in point, this Rover Spy Tank. Effective spying requires cunning, stealth and speed. And I’m sure this thing possesses none of those attributes. Like most RC toys, its collection of plastic gears and components probably makes it easy to hear coming from a mile away. And there’s a reason bears that live outside of a polar region don’t rely on white fur for camouflage.

I’m also fairly certain the Rover’s built-in video camera suffers from Strabismus, or lazy eye. Because while the live video feed clearly shows that dog in the center of the iPad’s display, the tank is actually looking off to the side. I’m afraid to say it, but if James Bond had a similar condition, he’d be yanked out of service in no time. As a novel way to harass co-workers, siblings or even the family dog, the Rover does have some merit. It creates its own wifi network which allows you to connect and control it with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. While both audio and video are beamed back in real-time, allowing you to control it from afar. It can also be steered via on-screen controls, or by tilting and rotating your iOS device and letting the gyros translate your movements. $149.99 from Brookstone, while the accompanying app is free.

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