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Acoustic Alarm Provides An Ever So Slightly Less Annoying Way To Get Up In The Morning

Acoustic Alarm (Image courtesy Jamie McMahon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not only is it oozing with charm and retro appeal, but Jamie McMahon’s Acoustic Alarm also provides a subtler alternative to annoying electronic beeps, or local radio DJ banter, when it goes off in the morning. A simple pair of dials make setting the alarm time dead easy, while a toggle switch on the opposite side is used to activate, and presumably deactivate it, once you’re awake.

When the Acoustic Alarm goes off, a mechanism inside its sound hole gently strums a set of 4 guitar strings. It does sound a lot like the traditional electronic beep we’re probably all accustomed to, but considerably more pleasant. And if you’re not happy with the sound, like on a guitar the strings are connected to tuning pegs allowing to adjust the notes until you find something agreeable for your morning self.

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  • abejith yokesh

    I hate loud alarms!
    Damn irritating!