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Super Mario Bros. Continuous Sound Figures

Super Mario Bros. Continuous Sound Figures

Super Mario Bros. Continuous Sound Figures (Images courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not a particularly mean chap, but I have been known to get some level of enjoyment out of annoying people. And if I were to find myself in an office setting again, dealing with uneasy tensions between co-workers, I do believe I’ve found the perfect tool for the job. These Super Mario Bros. collectibles walk the line between being figures, sculptures and sound toys. They each showcase Mario in a recognizable scene from his games, animated in an endless loop complete with authentic sound effects.

The one on the left sees him continuously entering and exiting a warp pipe, while the other recreates the classic ‘green shell on stairs’ 1-UP trick. I suspect the latter one is particularly annoying if left running for hours—or probably mere minutes—so you’ll probably want to use it with caution lest it take an unplanned trip through the office shredder. Sadly both of these $10 (¥777) figures popped up on Amazon Japan, who don’t seem too keen on shipping them worldwide. But if you’re ok with dealing with the hassle of a proxy, getting your hands on them isn’t completely impossible.

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