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Cat Scratch Turntable Is An Easy Way To Tell If You Have Too Much Disposable Income

Cat Scratch (Image courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

Thanks to SUCK UK, your cat will be dropping fresh beats faster than it takes for me to roll my eyes at the ridiculous crap people buy for their pets. While dogs are just as notorious at destroying homes, a cat’s desire to shred anything and everything in its path is unmatched. So odds are if there are felines in your home, you’re gonna need a scratching post.

But a simple post is so boring, and unproductive. With this Cat Scratch turntable, not only will your cat be fending off boredom and getting exercise, but they’ll also be learning valuable night club skills. It comes folded flat for easy and cheap shipping, which means you’ve got some assembly to do when it arrives. But if you’ve ever constructed a box before, you’ve already got the necessary skills and tools at your disposal. The deck actually spins and the tone arm is even positionable, allowing you to fill your Instagram account with hundreds of adorable photos before it gets turned to shredded cardboard. ~$23 (£15) available directly from SUCK UK.

[ Cat Scratch Turntable ] VIA [ ChipChick ]