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Warco Is A First Person Shooter Where The Only Thing You Shoot With Is A Video Camera

Warco Is A First Person Shooter Where The Only Thing You Shoot With Is A Video Camera

Warco (Image courtesy  Defiant Development, Robert Connolly and Tony Maniaty)
By Andrew Liszewski

Video games are often criticized for being overly violent, and while a new FPS called Warco certainly has its fair share of graphic, simulated combat, at no point does the player pick up a gun. That’s because they actually play as Jesse DeMarco, a war correspondent whose only weapon is a video camera and a thirst for a Pulitzer.

Instead of securing bases or capturing strongholds, the game’s different scenarios have objectives like story leads, where you run around trying to capture the most compelling footage possible. Instead of aiming, you’re framing a shot. Instead of zeroing in on a target with a sniper scope, you’re zooming and focusing your lens. And instead of collecting achievements or high scores, at the end of each level your goal is to edit together a compelling story with the footage you’ve captured, which can be published online.

The game actually brings a fresh perspective to realistic FPS war titles. And instead of just running and gunning, you’ll have to take a different approach when it comes to using your ‘weapon’ without getting killed. Warco was the brainchild of Tony Maniaty, an Australian journalist who’s experienced with reporting from war-torn areas. He’s teamed with filmmaker Robert Connolly and games studio Defiant Development who’ve been working on the title for 4 months now. Sadly, there’s no definitive timeline as to when the game will be available, if ever. But the studio says they’re currently talking to several publishers, so there is hope.

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