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This Product Only Exists For A Single Gag

This Product Only Exists For A Single Gag

This Is Spinal Tape (Image courtesy Copernicus)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like the movie and its “the numbers all go to eleven” amp joke, This Is Spinal Tape really only exists for a single, marginally clever, gag. It’s a basic roll of clear plastic tape, 82 feet in length, with a spinal cord graphic printed along its length. For novelty purposes it’s actually pretty pointless, even as a gift for your favorite chiropractor or surgeon. As far as I’m concerned it really only exists for the purpose of providing a humorous product shot that can be passed around in emails. Or posted as a loosely affiliated ‘gadget’ on a tech blog. It’s also $8 for a single roll, which is about $8 more than I’d be willing to pay for it.

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One response to “This Product Only Exists For A Single Gag”

  1. also, if the vertebrae are only 1cm long, it must actually be quite small!!