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OREGON PowerNow 40V MAX Battery Powered Chainsaw For Eco-minded Psychopaths

OREGON PowerNow 40V MAX Battery Powered Chainsaw (Image courtesy OREGON)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are lots of horror movies where the deranged antagonist goes about dismembering their victims with a chainsaw. But in reality, you can hear a gas chainsaw running from like 15 miles away. So sneaking up on some unsuspecting campers with one in hand, ready to slice and dice, is pretty improbable. The next time a psychopath decides to go all serial killer on a bunch of kids, they should consider this battery powered alternative from OREGON. (Yeah, apparently the company prefers their name to be shouted.)

Besides being significantly quieter than a traditional chainsaw, you also don’t have to deal with mixing gas and oil to keep it running. Though, admittedly, you do miss out on that intoxicating gas smell. Even that annoying pull cord has been eliminated, requiring just a simple button press to bring it to life. With its larger ‘Endurance’ battery pack the PowerNow 40V MAX chainsaw can make short work of about 250 branches with a 2 or 3 inch diameter, which is more than enough to get through the occupants of a run-down, deserted sleepaway camp. It even has a built-in chain sharpening mechanism which is as easy to use as pulling a lever. With a standard 1.2Ah battery the PowerNow chainsaw runs $399, but you’ll probably want to opt for the model that includes the 2.4Ah ‘Endurance’ battery, which is $499.

[ OREGON PowerNow Battery Powered Chainsaw ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]