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Click And Grow ‘Computerized’ Planter For Gardeners Who Just Don’t Give A Damn

Click And Grow ‘Computerized’ Planter For Gardeners Who Just Don’t Give A Damn

Click And Grow 'Computerised' Planter (Images courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

I find it hard to believe that there are people out there who really want plants in their homes, without having to deal with the minor inconveniences involved with caring for them. To me, you either like plants and like tending to them, or you could happily live without them. So I’m not sure who this computerized planter called the Click and Grow is aimed at. As the ’80s era tagline implies, it’s chock full of sensors and other electronics which makes caring for it as minimally intrusive as a pet rock. You just stick it somewhere the sun shines in and fill its reservoir about once a month. That’s it.

The planting process is as easy as inserting a special ‘seed cartridge’ which contains everything needed to foster botanical life. You don’t even need to muster a smile during the process. And after you insert 4xAA batteries, which power all of the electronics, and top off the water reservoir, you can ignore it until an indicator light on the side instructs you to change the batteries or add more H20. The kit takes all the wonder and awe out of gardening, which seems like a crucial part of enjoying whatever happens to bloom. But I guess if you have a track record of accidentally killing plants, you could consider it a ~$78 (£49.99) hail mary for finally creating a successful garden.

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