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Rufus Roo ‘Big Pocket’ Travel Jacket Lets You Fight Back Against Airline Luggage Fees

Rufus Roo BIG POCKET Travel Jacket (Image courtesy Rufus Roo)
By Andrew Liszewski

You might be able to find a sweet deal for a flight online, but once you get to the airport and realize how much extra you’re going to have to pay to check just a single bag, it stops being so sweet. The only solution is to pack as light as possible, hopefully squeezing all your clothes into a carry-on, or suck-it-up and wear something like the Rufus Roo.

In short, it’s a light travel jacket with a collection of regular and super-sized pockets that lets you carry up to 22 lbs. worth of crap, including shoes, shirts, pants, books, and even laptops and wine bottles. You’re going to look like a complete tool while making your way through an airport with it on, and it can’t be the most comfortable thing to wear during your flight, but at least you’re saving a few bucks right? Available now for ~$47 (£29.95) for large and medium adult sizes and ~$39 (£24.95) if you want to turn your kids into vacation pack mules too.

Rufus Roo BIG POCKET Travel Jacket (Image courtesy Rufus Roo)

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  • Eric de Jesus

    I like the idea of lessening the load of the baggage. But it doesn’t look that good. The 22 lbs limit seem nice. I just hope that the company can improve the design and the weight limit :)

  • Haje Jan Kamps

    This would be a brilliant idea. Sadly, Ryan Air actually demands you empty your pockets into your hand luggage before flying :(

  • Anonymous

    I used a more extreme method a few years ago.  I put my backpack on, and then put my (long) coat on OVER the backpack.

    Who’s going to mess with a hunchback.  You, lady?  YOU?