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Orobotix Reveals Sphero’s Final Design

Orobotix Reveals Sphero’s Final Design

Sphero Finalized Shell (Image courtesy Orbotix)
By Andrew Liszewski

We still think it’s one of the best things we saw at CES earlier this year, and today Orbotix officially unveiled what the final prototype of their Sphero remote control ball will look like. And it’s not that far off from what we got to play with at the show. The polycarbonate shell hasn’t changed much, it’s still stark white and slightly opaque, letting the RGB LEDs inside glow through. Though it now sports the Sphero logo on the side. The company also revealed the ball’s charger, which uses induction so you just have to plop it in to top off the battery.

But if you’re still not convinced that a remote control ball could have lots of replay value, I encourage you to check out this video of Orbotix’s developers playing the Sphero Golf game. Like the original personal computer, the real appeal of Sphero will be the accompanying smartphone applications people create for it. And unlike VisiCalc which made the PC a must-have device, so far the apps for the Sphero look far more entertaining.

The Sphero is still on track for a late 2011 release, and will sell for $129.99, including a collection of free downloadable apps. And they’re still taking reservations if, like us, you think it’s a must-have smartphone accessory.

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