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Crappy Digital Camera Poses As A Compact, Fold-Out Business Card Scanner

Fold-Out Business Card Scanner (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Do you know the one thing a techno savvy business traveler, who’d actually be inclined to scan a business card, probably already has? A smartphone! And do you know the one thing every smartphone has? A digital camera! So I’m not entirely sure who this fold-out business card scanner is actually targeted at. On the plus side it’s… um… compact when folded up. And the convenient card holder means it’s almost a hands-free operation. The downside? Where do I begin? It’s got a crappy 2MP CMOS sensor, uses USB so you have to have your laptop running to use it and doesn’t even come with OCR software. That’s left up to you to supply. Plus, it’s like $40. So you’re far better off just finding a card scanning app for your smartphone, or do what I do, never contact anybody.

[ 2MP Mini Business Card Scanner (Fold Out Design) ] VIA [ Random Good Stuff ]