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Star Trek 20 Questions

Star Trek 20 Questions

Mattel Star Trek 20 Questions (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

These electronic versions of 20 questions, which seem to magically guess what you’re thinking by asking a maximum of — wait for it — 20 questions, are nothing new. But one that’s geared towards Star Trek fans and looks like a miniature version of the USS Enterprise? Well that’s something to note in your captain’s log. Fans of the newer series like TNG or DS9 might be disappointed to learn the game only covers characters and facts from the original Star Trek series and movies. But there’s still plenty of storylines to keep this thing interesting for at least the length of a drive to a Trekkie convention. Available from Amazon for just $8.75.

[ Mattel Star Trek 20 Questions ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]


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