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Marshall ORCHID Glasses-Free 3D Field Monitor

Marshall ORCHID Glasses-Free 3D Field Monitor

Marshall ORCHID OR-70-3D Field Monitor (Image courtesy Marshall)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not here to debate whether you should or should not be shooting in 3D, but if you are, you really need a way to monitor what’s being recorded in all 3 dimensions. Of course wearing shutter or filter glasses while on set is even worse than in a theater, so Marshall’s new 7-inch glasses-free 3D field monitor is by far the way to go. It uses the same “parallax barrier and lenticular hybrid technology” as the Nintendo 3DS, but I’m assuming with better results since this is designed to be used by professionals.

Its 1600×600 resolution falls just shy of 720P, since the bottom half of the display is actually filled with realtime waveform monitors and color vectorscope displays for image quality control. And it comes with all of the connections and hookups required for use with a high-end camera system. It can even be used as a post-production display, though staring at a 7-inch monitor all day while editing or color correcting could get tedious. Available October 1st for $7,899.

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