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Ecko Zip Earbuds Make Those Zipper Cord Headphone Concepts A Reality

Ecko Zip Earbuds (Image courtesy Ecko)
By Andrew Liszewski

The downside is that you’ll be walking around with something that’s clearly Ecko branded, but the company’s new Zip earbuds feature a design that could outweigh that. In the past we’ve brought you concept headphone designs that feature a ‘zip-up’ cord so they don’t get hopelessly tangled when not in use. However, because they were just a concept, you could never actually own a pair.

But Ecko’s new ‘Zip’ earbuds not only feature a zipper cord design, complete with rows of teeth and a zipper pull, but you’ll actually be able to buy them in the near future for just $29.99 in a small sampling of colors. I’m going to assume the low, low price speaks for the quality of the sound you’ll get out of them. But maybe for some of you the convenience of not having to play the Christmas lights game with your headphones when you want to listen to music is a far higher priority.

[ Engadget – Ecko Zip earbuds pump tunes through a functioning zipper, let you drop your fly in public ]