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Nike Could Reveal BTTF-Inspired Shoes With Power Laces Today: Please Be Real, Please Be Real, Please Be Real, Please Be Real, Please Be Real

Nike Air Mag Sneakers? (Image courtesy YouTube)
By Andrew Liszewski

My parents remember exactly where they were when man first landed on the moon. But as a gadget blogger, my most vivid ‘do you remember where you were when…?’ memory was when the original iPhone was first revealed. Today could be another one of those days though. Nike has apparently invited a select group of journalists to Los Angeles for a super secret event, including the folks from Highsnobiety who posted the following photos of what awaited them at their hotel.

It's About Time (Images courtesy Highsnobiety)

A black box labeled ‘IT’S ABOUT TIME’ with a pair of futuristic Back To The Future Part II inspired sunglasses inside. And two days ago, the following viral video, McFly’s Closet, was uploaded to YouTube by one ‘DocEmmettBrown88’ which shows a room filled with blinking Nike ‘MAG’ sneakers.

So all of the clues, including the fact they patented self-lacing shoes last year, point to Nike finally producing a real pair of shoes as seen in BTTF Pt. II. Complete with a self-lacing mechanism, which their first attempt, the Hyperdunks from a few years ago, were sorely lacking. Of course maybe I’m getting my hopes up too high here, but maybe, just maybe, Nike will come through for all of us BTTF fans this time.

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