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Phone Flasks – Smuggling Contraband? There’s An App For That

Phone Flasks (Image courtesy Dhanai Holtzclaw)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s a never ending list of things the iPhone can do, but one thing it certainly can’t is smuggle drinks. In fact, thanks to water sensors and all those electronicy bits inside, it’s a good idea to keep it as far away from any kind of liquids as possible. However, these specially made ‘iPhones’ are a different story. Instead of gyros, wifi, GPS and other components inside, it’s completely empty, with enough space to hold 8 fl. oz. of your beverage of choice. Where you’d normally find the headphone jack is the flask’s opening, which stays sealed with a spring-loaded sliding cover that’s only open when the ‘phone’ is ‘unlocked’ to prevent spillage.

Sadly, the Phone Flasks are just another concept trying to raise funding on just another startup site. In this case, $10,000 at $20 per donation which basically serves as a pre-order for when they eventually go into production. But with only $70 raised and 0 time left, something tells me this product isn’t meant to be.

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