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Jean Michel Jarre’s 11-Foot Tall AeroDreamOne iOS Device Dock

Jean Michel Jarre’s 11-Foot Tall AeroDreamOne iOS Device Dock

Jean Michel Jarre's 11-Foot Tall AeroDreamOne iPhone Dock (Images courtesy Jean Michel Jarre)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are truly some ridiculous designs for iPhone-friendly speaker docks out there. So at this point if you’re going to throw your hat into the ring and try to outdo them, you really need to go for broke. Like Jean Michel Jarre has done with his new AeroDreamOne which stands 11 feet tall and includes a built in ladder so that mere mortals are still able to easily dock their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on top.

The 870 pound behemoth features 10,000 watts of total power broken down into a 4,000W low-end speaker, a couple of 1,600W mid-range speakers and a couple of 1,400W high-end speakers. Now given the AeroDreamOne is taller than the ceiling height in your average home, you’ve probably already guessed it’s not designed for your average consumer. And you’d be right. With a price tag of ~$560,000 (€399,000) I’m guessing your local Apple Store won’t be keeping them in stock. So not only do I now have to stare disappointingly at the tiny speaker dock I use, I’ve also got Popcorn stuck in my head. Awesome…

[ Jarre ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]

  • Chris Rasco

    For $560,000 he couldn’t put the dock in a place that didn’t require a ladder?