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Diversifying Your Online Computer Parts Retailing Options

Diversifying Your Online Computer Parts Retailing Options

This article is sponsored. -Ed.

By David Ponce

You guys are familiar with our Deal Of The Day column, where we present you items daily with varying levels of discounts. And while there often are bargains to be had through this column, it’s good to know that there are places where you can find low prices on a broader range of products on a more permanent basis. One such retailer is Misco Computer, a UK-based e-tailer that consistently has low prices on computer hardware for the home or business.

[ Misco Computer ]

  • James FitzGibbon

    Is this article one for which compensation was received?  It is not marked as such, but reads as an advertisement for a specific retailer.

    Your disclosures page says “Additionally, we may from time to time receive compensation to look at and review a given product or service. When this happens, the article in question will be clearly marked, and disclosure will occur each time;”

    So if this article isn’t so marked, what exactly does it have to do with “…scour[ing] the web, … looking for the most interesting technologically flavored entertainment, so you don’t have to.”

    I know where to find deals if a blog shows me something I’m interested in, and I have no problem using an affiliate link if I wouldn’t have otherwise come across the gadget.  I feel like this article goes beyond that, violates the terms of your disclosures page and erodes the trust of readers that you claim to hold so dear.

  • Anonymous

    Hi James,

    You’re right.  The article IS tagged as “sponsored”, but perhaps that’s not clear enough.  I will update it now with a clearer disclosure.

    Thanks for keeping us straight.