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Transparent Face Masks Look A Little Less Intimidating

Transparent Face Masks Look A Little Less Intimidating

Masclear Transparent Face Masks (Images courtesy Masukuria)
By Andrew Liszewski

I understand why people living in crowded, urban city centers are often seen wearing face masks. But it doesn’t make it any less unnerving for me. I always think they’re fleeing some plague cloud I’m unaware of, and the fact that most of their face is obscured doesn’t help.

That’s probably why the Masclear caught my eye. It provides most of the same protection of a paper or cloth face mask. Namely stopping the wearer’s saliva and breath from spreading to others, and vice versa. But it’s made from a clear plastic shield so the wearer’s mouth is always visible, and it’s easy to clean and reuse again and again. They seem ideal for applications where someone wearing a mask has to deal with the public (and hence smile) and are available in small and large sizes that are further adjustable to fit every wearer.

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