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No Kid On Earth Deserves A $20,000 Playhouse Like This

No Kid On Earth Deserves A $20,000 Playhouse Like This

Lilliput Play Homes (Images courtesy Lilliput Play Homes)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t care if they pulled your entire family and all of your furniture out of a burning house and then went back in to put out the fire. No child on Earth deserves as elaborate and over-the-top a playhouse as Lilliput Play Homes sells. The ‘Grand Victorian’ model (pictured on the bottom) starts at $19,999 and includes such unnecessary amenities as “…a wraparound porch, elegant stained glass window, window boxes full of fresh blooms, a sunny skylight, and a working doorbell and brass door knocker. Inside, the decorative details continue with a bay window with a cozy window seat, sponge-painted walls, simulated hardwood floors, fireplace mantel and an upstairs loft accessed by a ladder.”

The ‘Cotton Candy Manor’ (pictured on top) starts at a cheaper, though equally ridiculous, $9,599. And both playhouses come with the option for miniature matching furniture like a playable grand piano, kitchen appliances and even spaces for TVs. Now sure, they do look a lot safer than being perched high up in a tree on a couple of pieces of 2 by 4. But I feel they’re robbing kids the use of their imaginations. Unless the parents who buy one of these uses them as a tool to teach valuable lessons about paying mortgages or the rise and fall of property taxes.

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