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Leather Vinyl Wrapped Ferrari F430… Why?! Why?! Why?!

Leather Vinyl Wrapped Ferrari F430 (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Just the other day I was having a discussion with someone about how difficult it must be to keep vehicles with a matte paint finish clean. And then I came across this. In an attempt to make their Ferrari F430 stand out from the crowd (because, you know, the streets are filled with them) someone with questionable taste wrapped one in leather grain vinyl. Removing a bird dropping is hard enough on a vehicle with a gloss paint finish. Even moreso with a matte finish, and probably just a huge pain in the butt on something like this. On the plus side though, there’s now less risk of someone going and painting this particular Ferrari yellow. (Shudder…)

[ – Ferrari F430 with Leather Wrap by Dartz ] VIA [ Jalopnik ]