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VooMote Zapper

VooMote Zapper

VooMote Zapper (Image courtesy Zero1)
By Andrew Liszewski

The original VooMoteOne from Zero1 expanded the functionality of the iPhone and iPod Touch by turning it into a universal remote. Unfortunately at the expense of having to use a fairly hefty sleeve case. So Zero1 put it on a strict diet, resulting in their new VooMote Zapper which is being officially revealed at IFA today.

The bulky sleeve has been reduced to a colorful paperclip sized dongle (with optional matching case) that attaches to the dock connector of any iOS device. All you need to do is then download the free VooMote app and setup the devices you wish to control. The minuscule dongle certainly makes the VooMote Zapper more appealing than its predecessor, but it’s the highly customizable app, letting you arrange the buttons however you want and even create multi-function macros, that will appeal to most home theater junkies. Unlike the original VooMoteOne the Zapper does require you to hold your iOS device upside down when using it as a remote, but I think that’s a reasonable tradeoff. Available sometime this Fall with pricing TBA.

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