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Biotop Natural Pools – Like A Billabong In Your Backyard

Biotop Natural Pools – Like A Billabong In Your Backyard

Biotop Natural Pools (Images courtesy Biotop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Had the company existed back when Jed Clampett first struck it rich and moved to Beverly Hills, I’m pretty sure he would have jumped at the chance to convert his family’s ‘cement pond’ into one of these Biotop Natural Pools. Think of them as a kind of backyard pond, but large enough to swim in. And without any carp. The general idea is that the Biotop pools look far more natural, surrounded by reeds, tall grasses and rocks they better blend into the landscaping around your backyard.

In fact, the pools apparently stay clean and algae free without the need for any harsh chemicals like chlorine thanks to its natural approach. A plant based filtration system keeps the water clean and clear, while a naturally working ‘Carbonator’ which uses air pipes and rocks battles the algae problem. Not only does the passive system not require a continual investment in chemicals like chlorine and salt, but it also seems to be pretty hands-off when it comes to maintenance. My only concern is that the local wildlife might see your new addition as a giant restroom.

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