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Monthly Archives: August 2011

MAD’s Fold-In Collection Doesn’t Actually Let You Do Any Folding

MAD Fold-In Collection (Images courtesy Chronicle Books)
By Andrew Liszewski

I grew up (secretly) reading my dad’s MAD magazine collection from the late ’70s and early ’80s, and as a kid the best part was always the fold-in on the inside of the back cover. Which is why I’m excited for Chronicle Books’ new 4-volume MAD Fold-In Collection. It features all 410 Al Jaffee MAD fold-ins dating back to 1964, but unfortunately it doesn’t actually let you do any folding! Instead, the before and after images are presented side-by-side on every page. Now I can understand that the book is designed to be a collector’s item and showpiece for all of the artwork, but I think I’d still terribly miss aligning the A & B arrows, or trying to guess what the folded version will look like beforehand. Available now for $125.

[ Chronicle Books – The MAD Fold-In Collection ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler Reviewed

By Chris Scott Barr

If you like your PC running nice and cool, then the first thing thing you’re going to want to upgrade is the CPU cooler. Those stock coolers do a modest job at best, and while they’re fine for the average Joe, enthusiasts will want rid of them. There are many aftermarket choices, and Thermaltake added another with their new Frio CPU Cooler.

This cooler is going to work with most current-gen CPUs, so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue. One thing you’ll notice is that it is a big cooler. How big? Well, it has a pair of 120mm case fans on it, if that tells you anything. At $65, is this going to be the perfect cooler for you? Head over to GamerFront for the full scoop.

[ Thermaltake ] VIA [ GamerFront ]

Win An ARCHOS 70 Tablet!

By Chris Scott Barr

If anything has risen to the top of gadget junkies’ “most wanted” list in the last two years, it’s been a tablet. While Apple’s iPad might have gotten everyone excited, the more affordable Android tablets are where it’s really at right now. Don’t believe me? Why not try one out for yourself? Don’t worry about paying for it, this one’s on us!

That’s right, we’re giving away an ARCHOS 70 Internet Tablet this week. This awesome gadget features a 7-inch screen, 8GB of storage and is powered by Android. You’ll find features such as a 720p display, HDMI output, a built-in webcam, and an SDHC slot for extra storage. As usual, you’ll need to drop a comment below to win. However, we’re also going to need you to head over to the ARCHOS Facebook page and give them a “Like”. We will select a winner at random next Friday. Good luck!

Open to US residents only.


Announcing The Winners Of The Smartfish Whirl Mice!

By Chris Scott Barr

Another Friday is here, which means it’s time to give away the three mice, as promised. 49 people entered, and while I thought a battle royale would be a cool way to pick the winners, our legal department informed me that it wouldn’t be a wise decision. Instead, I resorted to a random number generator (considerably less exciting, I know), and it chose Jason Kobilka, raph304, and atlcog as the winners. Each will be receiving a Whirl from Smartfish.

Congratulations to our winners! Don’t worry if you didn’t win, as we’ve got another great contest right around the corner, so stay tuned.

[ Smartfish ]

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Ice Tray

By David Ponce

Is this old? New? Tacky? Who knows? Who cares? It’s $10 at Thinkgeek.

Bonus: make chocolates instead!

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Total Equipment Protection From Sprint Helps You Locate Misplaced Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know this girl who’s gone through six phones in the last year.  That’s a lot of cash as well as a lot of begging her friends on Facebook to send her their contact information again.  But we live in a world where such things don’t need to happen.  Well, losing will happen, but the finding the phone again part should be a cinch.  Sprint customers for instance can enroll in the company’s Total Equipment Protection program.  It’s an $8/mo. option that allows them to install an application on their Android, Blackberry and select phones and keep track of their device at all times.  It also syncs their contacts with Sprint’s servers so that even if the phone is not located or was destroyed, the annoying process of rebuilding one’s contact list doesn’t have to happen.

Aside from locating the phones and syncing the contacts, Total Equipment Protection also allows you to lock your device remotely, or altogether wipe it.  You can even activate an alarm should you be in the vicinity of the phone but can’t quite locate it.

Sprint users have until August 30th to enroll.

Sprint Total Equipment Protection App

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CineSkates Puts Wheels On Your Gorillapod

By David Ponce

Over the years we’ve written a few times about the Gorillapod, an extremely versatile camera tripod that can be used to take shots from unconventional places. It’s a great product, but it can be made better. Still images is not the only thing modern DSLRs are able to do: they also shoot great video. The only problem is stabilization.

Enter the Cineskates.

They transform the Gorillapod Focus into a camera dolly, with which you can do the following type of shots:

    Arcing shots that rotate around objects
    Sliding shots that push or pull the subject into focus
    Rolling shots that glide over the subject
    Time-lapse shots that move the camera slowly and smoothly
    Panning shots that scan a wide area
    “Worm’s eye view” shots that slide just above the floor

The entire system consists of the Cineskates (the wheels), a BallHead X joint, the Gorillapod Focus, a case and cleaning cloth. And the best news is that you can actually purchase this now, as the Kickstarter project associated with it has amply surpassed it’s $20,000 funding goals and should start shipping soon. Retail, the complete system will go for $350 but if you pledge now, you can have it for $275.

Hit the jump for a video and links.

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Harvesting Power From Liquid Metal Shoes

By David Ponce

As we’re sure you know, there are tons of different ways to generate electricity, be it chemical, solar, piezoelectric, etc. That last one refers to a current that’s generated through a compressive force on a particular type of material: compress the material and electricity is generated, though usually these currents are very small, in the order of miliwatts. In other words, it’s not a very effective method of harvesting electricity. But now researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison seem to have developed a method which could generate a lot more current: about 20 watts! They are doing this by using a liquid metal (Galinstan in a process they called “reverse electrowetting.” They place some of this metal at the heel and sole of the shoe and as you walk, the liquid is pumped back and forth, generating a strong current. This is then stored in a battery in the sole of the show.

How you later access this energy is still being determined. You could of course plug a USB directly into the shoe, but that’s not very elegant. That decision will come in the future as they are planning on having a prototype ready in two years and commercialization perhaps sometime after that.

[ InStep NanoPower ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Deal Of The Day: Up To $150 Off Dell XPS 8300 Quad-core Desktop

By David Ponce

The Dell XPS 8300 desktop system has been described like this: “Dell’s inexpensive XPS 8300 is a true force to be reckoned with for its speeds, connections, and do-no-wrong attitude.” Sounds pretty positive, and today there’s a deal on that:

Dell XPS 8300 Desktop PC now available starting at $699.99 only. Features angled chassis and sleek black/white design, black bezel, tilt-back design with top-recessed tray, integrated 7.1 with THX TruStudio PC sound, 460W power supply and Windows 7.

Configure over $1,099 and use a $100 stackable coupon, or get an extra $150 off configurations of $1600+ for a limited time.

[ Up To $150 Off Dell XPS 8300 Quad-core Desktop ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]