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LG’s Roboking Vacuum Tries To One-Up Roomba With 3 Built-In Video Cameras

LG Roboking Vacuum (Image courtesy LG)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s hard to debate the superiority of an autonomous vacuum called the Roboking, but that’s not the only ‘trick’ LG has up its sleeve when it comes to challenging the incumbent king of robovacs, the Roomba. To ensure their latest model does the most efficient job of cleaning your floors on a given charge, the Roboking comes equipped with 51 sensors and 3 video cameras allowing it to create a detailed map of its surroundings, and keep track of areas it’s already cleaned.

It’s also wifi equipped, which seems rather pointless for a vacuum until you realize it provides remote access to the Roboking’s cameras allowing it to serve as a roving home security system when you access the video feed from an app on your smartphone. And a limited number of voice commands, like telling it to stop, recharge or requesting weather forecasts will make you feel like you live in a futuristic Jetsons-like world. On paper it certainly outperforms the Roomba in terms of features, but the one area where LG doesn’t seem too concerned about competing is price. As the Roboking will set you back a fairly hefty $830+. (899,000 WON)

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