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Camera Equipped AirSketcher Fan Can Track Targets Telling It Where To Blow

AirSketcher Fan (Image courtesy Keita Watanabe)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s hard to get excited about a desk fan when air conditioning does a far better job at cooling a room. But that’s because desk fans don’t usually have a camera located in the center that can track targets, automatically aiming the breeze where it’s needed. Designed by Keita Watanabe, the fan, in its current technological state, can track special flag targets, turning to direct the air wherever it finds one in a room. The flags also have a different symbol on the back, letting the fan know if it should be on or off. This gives a user complete control of the fan without the need for a powered remote, but more importantly, by placing these flags around a room, it can tell it when to blow and when not to blow when set to sweep back and forth.

[ AirSketcher Fan ] VIA [ Trends In Japan ]

  • Alert Electrical

    So are you supposed to wear the symbol on you like a badge so that it knows where to point? what about if you turn around? On the plus side, if this does work then I guess it will be a much cheaper form of cooling than air con.

  • Sam Knott

    I went to Bath University with an engineer called Andy Liszewski, would be very strange coincidence if its the same guy. Let me know Andy,

    Sam Knott